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Filled masterbatch
Filled masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch is made of high quality Calcium Carbonate / talcum powder and high quality  additives after extrusion molding from high performance twin-screw machine.When it is put into use, we can reduce material cost, and improve the character of final products.  

The product characteristics are for the following items,
1. Improve the anti-heating, rigidity and tightness property.
2. Remove the surface light from plastic products, to get sub-light effect.
3. Improve the surface antifriction and antislip property of plastic products.
4. Reduce shrinkage ratio of final products to improve size  stability.
5. Reduce fire heating quantity of plastic products to reduce second pollution.
6. Improve surface printing property of plastic to reduce needed electric current under surface corona process.
7. Provide breathe free to film products.
8. Improve heat-conduction property of plastic material to reduce molding period.
9. Reduce the application ratio of white color masterbatch.