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Product Description:
Transparent Filler MB
Filled masterbatch
Transparent Filler Masterbatch is a kind of advanced modified filler MB made of inorganic transparent and tiny powder form material and other high quality additives. Its refraction is similar to plastics material. When the application ratio is around 5-10%, the transparency of HDPE film is distinctly improved, and it will not affect the transparency of LDPE film.

The product characteristics are for the following items,
1. With small gravity, it will remain parts of the physical and mechanical property of plastic products.
2. Transparent Filler MB is with good dispersing quality to assure the smooth appearance of plastic products, so that it can guarantee good printing quality of surface for first and mid grade plastic products.
3. Transparent filler MB is with good heating seal property and certain anti-adhesive property.  
4. Since the transparent powder material is introduced, under same application ratio to normal filler MB, the effect on transparency of material is distinctly reduced.