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Product Description:
Anti-static MB
Functional Masterbatch
Antistatic masterbatch can be simply used with good property. They are suitable for the plastic injection, plastic blowing ,film blowing, plastic extrusion and salivate process for polyolefine.
Antistatic masterbatch strictly choose antistatic agent with fast immigration and long effect performance in thin film as additive material. During procedure of production, storage and delivery, antistatic masterbatch can effectively reduce gathering of statics to lower surface electric resistance so as to make sure of minimum dust on product surface. Meanwhile after adding antistatic masterbatch, the appearance of product will appear to more smooth and brighter, since there is a certain lubricant function. The content of antistatic agent will immigrate from inner layer of film to film surface steadily, so the best effect to cancel the damage from statics will be 4-10 days late when using our antistatic masterbatch.